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Dive alongside an active volcano. Take a scenic dive along the coast or around some of our beautiful islands and or ‘hunt and gather’ and take a crayfish home for supper!
Dive with us for the day or, stay with us for live aboard overnight trip including Kawera Island, Tuhua Mayor Island, Motiti Island, Schooner Rocks, Plate Island , Aldermans and White Island.

Extended Diving trips to Mercury Island, Great barrier Island, Bay of Islands, Poor Knights, and Three Kings also available.

Dive White Island - an active volcano.

Stay with us for two nights and two days to experience the ultimate dive adventure. We leave Tauranga at approx 5-6 pm and arrive at White Island at 11-12 pm where we anchor for the night. The next morning it’s up at 7 ish for breakfast and then off diving.
There are some great dive spots around ‘White’ and the ‘Volkner Rocks’, these include ‘Homestead Reef’ (one of NZ’s top ten dives), ‘Laison’s Reef’, Volkner Rocks’and lots more. We can cover many of them on the first day. At the end of the day we find a calm anchorage and settle down to dinner, a relaxing drink or two and or a night dive.
The next day up again at 7ish for breakfast and off for a dive around the Island. After the first or second dive we begin our return trip back to Tauranga which we can break up with a dive at ‘Astrolabe Reef’ or visit the seal colony at ‘Plate Island’. We get back into Tauranga at around 5-6 pm.

Dive Mayor Island. Tuhua’s Marine Reserve and Tuhua reef……….Day Trip or overnite

Dive the marine reserve at the northern quarter of the Island. The reserve was established in 1993 and boasts a huge variety of fish and sea creatures that makes this a stunning dive. Dive the Tuhua reef, catch a cray or two and get amongst the huge schools of Trevalli and King fish. 

Spend the evening onboard in South East Bay and experience the Dawn Chorus from the abundance of Tui ,Bell birds and Robins before heading out to dive the many outstanding sites the Island has to offer.

Dive Alderman Island……………Over Night Trip.

Experience one of New Zealands top ten dives here at the ‘Golden Caves’. The Alderman Islands offer a great over night trip with great anchorages and incredible, much talked about dive locations.

Dive Motiti Island……………….Day Trip.

Come for a quick trip out to Motiti and enjoy a full day here. Motiti has several great areas for diving including good Crayfish hunting spots and of course the opportunity to wreck trek down on to ‘The Taioma’ Motiti’s own well known shipwreck.

Bring your own dive gear or we can arrange hire equipment if required (booking essential).
These trips can be self catered or fully catered by us.

If you would like to get into the diving scene or need a refresher check out
Dive Zone Tauranga

We are easy to find and if you reqiure any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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